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  • 1.  External Dependency in Clarity/OWB

    Posted Sep 20, 2015 06:28 AM

    Hi Can anyone explain the below point.


    1. Which type of access (PM View or PM Edit) is need to create external dependency of project task with different project?

    2. What is the meaning of following sentence in user guide: "When working with an external dependency, you can only access the Dependency tab of the Task Properties dialog box if the externally dependent task has a predecessor relationship with a task in the project. "???

  • 2.  Re: External Dependency in Clarity/OWB

    Posted Sep 20, 2015 12:55 PM

    If you are going to create something View right is definitely not going to be adequate.

    If the PM is not PM of both projects then he or she would need Project edit rights to the one where he or she is not.

    Further I think Edit Project plan is required.


    I tend to disagree with the statement in 2. IF that were literally true you would not see the Dependency tab unless there were a dependency which meets the criteria.

    How would you then create dependencies?


    Just created these


    and have no problem seeing this


    while in the other project looks like this


    Is that statement restricting you from doing what you want to do?