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  • 1.  Mass update resource financial settings?

    Posted Feb 02, 2016 02:37 PM

    Now that we have upgraded (to 14.2) we are getting ready to implement Financials in Clarity, up until now we've just done simple budgeting. Is there an easy way to mass update our resource records to set the financial options (financial enabled, classes, etc)? With normal object attributes we could set a new default and populate NULL values with it, but I'm not seeing these attributes anywhere. I found an old thread asking where to set the defaults (RE: Where to set the defaults for resource financial attributes? ) which at the time was not possible but it is several years old, guess I'm hoping something has changed since then but I'm not overly optimistic.


    Edit: More info, I've also tried xogging out a resource with this include_financials line, but I see no financial related attributes in the output

    <args name="include_financial" value="true"/>

  • 2.  Re: Mass update resource financial settings?

    Posted Feb 03, 2016 10:27 PM

    Resource's financial attributes are still not in Studio.


    They can be XOG out though, start with filling out the fields for an existing resource, then do a XOG read and you should have the attributes in the output. They would look like this sample from the XML folder that comes with the XOG client installation:



            <SupplementalInformation active="1" location="LOC1" department="DEPT1" resourceClass="RES1" transactionClass="TXN1" vendorCode="XOGVEN1"/>

            <RatesNCosts targetbillingRate="200" targetPercentageBillable="100"/>

            <Expenses reimbursementCurrency="EUR"/>



    By the way, it is a good practice to keep the 'active' field turned off, and only turn it on when everything (projects are ready, departments structures are finalized, rates are ready, etc) is ready for financial transactions to start getting generated. This would prevent a situation where a lot of transactions getting rejected due to things missing, or having to un-do some transactions generated from timesheet posting.