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  • 1.  MS Project Integrator AddIn Error

    Posted Jun 03, 2016 12:51 PM

    When performing the installation of the MS Project Integration component on my system (running 64-bit MS Windows 7 Enterprise with MS Project 2013 Professional), I notice that only the CA PPM Microsoft Project Interface x64 and the CA PPM Schedule Connect (x64) are installed. 



    Okay...  So I proceed to manually install the CAClarityAddIn by running the Setup found in C:\CA\Clarity\CA Clarity PPM MSPInterface\addIn folder.  The setup runs and completes, but the AddIn is not displayed until I exit the MS Project
    Options and then reopen it.


    At this point, I shut MS Project down and then re-launch it.  Now, I get the following error:



    I click "OK" (to remove the error) and select a Blank Project.  At this point, all looks good (in MS Project).  The CA PPM Integration tab is now visible.  But...  When trying to "Open in Scheduler" (in CA Clarity PPM) a project by selecting "Microsoft Project [Read-Write]", I get the following error again:



    Any idea why this is happening???





  • 2.  Re: MS Project Integrator AddIn Error
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 03, 2016 01:43 PM

    Hi Chris,


    Is MSP 2013 installed on your computer also 64 bit? If not, you'll need to uninstall the x64 version of all the three CA components and install the x86 versions instead. The MSP integration components need to match the bit version of MSP. If there is a mismatch, you may get errors similar to these.


    Please reference TEC613901 for more details.



    Maria Whiteside

  • 3.  Re: MS Project Integrator AddIn Error

    Posted Jun 07, 2016 03:09 AM

    In addition, with CA PPM v14.4 you need to have .NET 4.5.1 or higher

  • 4.  Re: MS Project Integrator AddIn Error

    Posted Jun 08, 2016 06:08 PM

    Hi Chris - Did any of the responses help answer your question? If so please mark it as Correct Answer. Thanks!