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BI for Clarity On-Demand (BO/JasperSoft)

  • 1.  BI for Clarity On-Demand (BO/JasperSoft)

    Posted Jan 19, 2016 03:45 AM


    We have a Clarity On-Demand environment that was migrated from 13.2 to 14.2.

    In 13.2 we had BO reports. The reports were built with the InfoView provided by CA to the On-Demand environment.

    When End-Of-Life for 13.2 and BO was declared, we investigated about migrating to 14.2. CA Support said back then that BO will not be available on On-Demand when support is ended, so we must migrate to JasperSoft.

    Currently we find JasperSoft falling behind BO in certain aspects, having us reducing functionality in our solution:


    1. Simple tasks as adding labels to charts require require a client studio and XML coding skills (which we don't have)

    2. Having a page with several blocks (charts, tables) that respond to the same filter/input control is impossible since input control is in the report level and a report can include only a single block (as opposed to the dashboard level that doesn't have input control)


    What is your experience? Does any of you work with JS over Clarity On-Demand? Does any of you work (still) with BO over Clarity On-Demand?