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  • 1.  CPU alerts triggered regularly

    Posted Mar 02, 2016 06:30 AM



    This morning, there were lot of high usage CPU alerts triggered and when I checked the logs, found error messages similar to below. From the error messages it seems like the issue is being caused by some reports. However the error message is very generic. Could somebody help me as how to find out the exact root cause of the issue?


    SYS   2016-03-02 09:49:01,948 [http-9050-383] niku.reporting (1165922:271297859__44002902_15334EC860B_D76:nmc.executeAvailReport) installDir:/prod_app/wwise_fs/wwise/softwares/niku/clarity


    ERROR 2016-03-02 09:50:11,035 [http-9050-383] niku.reporting (1165922:271297859__44002902_15334EC860B_D76:nmc.executeAvailReport) reporting.executeReportError


    ERROR 2016-03-02 09:50:11,036 [http-9050-383] xql2.xbl (1165922:271297859__44002902_15334EC860B_D76:nmc.executeAvailReport) reporting.executeReportError ::java.lang.Exception: reporting.executeReportError





  • 2.  Re: CPU alerts triggered regularly

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 04, 2016 05:09 PM

    Hi Deepak,


    The CPU issues will generally not be shown in the logs. Looks like you did have some report activity, and that's helpful information : you can check and see if at the time you had the issue, you had a big load of reports and jobs scheduled. This would be the first step.

    Please also confirm: What is your Clarity version? Was CPU high on Clarity server or Jaspersoft server, or do you have a shared one?


    Kind Regards
    Nika Hadzhikidi