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  • 1.  Column Chart : Multiple X-Axis Values?

    Posted Jan 22, 2016 11:20 AM

    I really should know the answer to this, but it seems that I don't (and I have just spent an hour or two messing about with queries and portlets with no joy)....


    What I want to build is a column chart portlet, with the x-axis being MONTHs and the y-axis being some project-related score.


    But I also want to break the months down on the x-axis, into OBS levels - so I have a column for Jan2016 with individual columns within it for OBS1, OBS2,... etc, each with a score

    (the OBS levels are dynamic of course and might change from month-to-month).


    Can I do this?  (or am I just imagining stuff that I can't build?)




    I've tried building a various NSQL queries and basing column charts on them, but I get no options for adding a second dimension (OBS) to the (Month) x-axis - the studio documentation talks about a "Group By Column" in a chart-layout which sounds like what I want to do (Group by 'OBS') , but I don't see that option in the GUI anywhere (the options for chart portlets vary a lot depending on the type of chart and unfortunately the studio documentation doesn't help determine which option applies to which type that I can see).



  • 2.  Re: Column Chart : Multiple X-Axis Values?

    Posted Jan 25, 2016 12:39 PM

    Something like this?



    I can get this to work when the metrics are static (i.e. your OBS will stay the same


    sub type:clustered

    • group by:months)
    • metrics: each obs unit
      • set to column


    here's a very bad example, but shows it is possible to get multiple columns.


  • 3.  Re: Column Chart : Multiple X-Axis Values?

    Posted Jan 26, 2016 04:06 AM

    Yes looking pretty much exactly like that hmmm....


    But where you are saying "metrics are static" you mean that you bring back a count (a metric) per "OBS unit" - my OBS's will be fixed in the graph but are only "known" at the time of execution, so I'm convincing myself this isn't going to (easily) work.


    (I've built plenty of column charts where the clustered/stacked valued are over a known range - example Red/Amber/Green RAG statuses, but not where the range of values is 'dynamic')


    I found an old discussion where I think I came to the same conclusion ; help setting up my graph portlet to show stacked values as project names

  • 4.  Re: Column Chart : Multiple X-Axis Values?
    Best Answer

    Posted Jan 26, 2016 07:08 AM

    Yes following that thread, the conclusion is still valid.

    You'd have to define say 10 metrics (or the max value of units you expect) and pass through the value for the obs into the metrics with some SQL magic.

    I'm not convinced it would look very nice.


    Maybe jaspersoft is a better solution for what you need

  • 5.  Re: Column Chart : Multiple X-Axis Values?

    Posted Jan 26, 2016 07:43 AM


    I'm not convinced it would look very nice.

    Agreed, because the "missing metrics" would still show up (where you have catered for (say) 10 columns but only used 6 of them).


    I've settled on having a trend chart overall, then if I want to break the month's data down into specific OBSs, then that'll be a drill-down from the month (but lots of stuff like that before).