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  • 1.  Using Jaspersoft for non-Clarity applications?

    Posted Nov 30, 2015 06:14 PM

    Now that the companies are installing Jaspersoft along with CA PPM, the natural question is whether can be used as BI tool for other applications, create Domains,etc.

    2 questions arise:

    - Technical: Is there a technical limitation to do that? Is Jaspersoft blocked to be used with a different application?

    - Commercial: Is it required additional Jaspersoft licenses?

  • 2.  Re: Using Jaspersoft for non-Clarity applications?

    Posted Dec 06, 2015 08:02 AM


    you can create a data source to pretty much anything, so yes in theory you could use the clarity jaspersoft instance to report on other tools

    Data Sources | Jaspersoft Community



    • I would contact your CA account manager and discuss, also the EULA can be found in the install directory.
    • My understanding is that your licence for Jaspersoft is through CA, therefore jaspersoft do not provide direct support
    • Therefore if you use the Clarity jaspersoft to support other application reporting, when it goes wrong CA may not support you.



  • 3.  Re: Using Jaspersoft for non-Clarity applications?

    Posted Dec 07, 2015 07:10 AM

    Thank you Andy.

    Now, regarding the Technical aspects, do you think the new data sources are forced to use the same DATAWAREHOUSE Data Base of Clarity?  or may they have an independent DB?  (in order to minimize the impact on the "standard" DB)

  • 4.  Re: Using Jaspersoft for non-Clarity applications?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 08, 2015 10:44 AM

    Hi Juan,


    You can create additional Data Sources in Jaspersoft pointing to a different from PPM and DWH database. You can then create a Domain based on this Data Source and include in your Ad Hoc Views and Reports.


    I would advise you to ensure you have additional bandwidth on the server to support your other applications. As Andy advised you above please note this is unsupported by CA Support if you encounter any issues.


    One other thing I thought I would mention : Please use another organization (tenant) for your other reporting purposes, this would avoid any potential problems during upgrade where OOTB data or custom reports may get overwritten.  It's best to keep the Clarity tenant separate, this would make it cleaner, avoid you running into some issues, and facilitate the backup.


    Kind Regards


    Nika Hadzhikidi
    CA Technologies
    Principal Support Engineer