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  • 1.  Carving out a yearly cost plan

    Posted Feb 12, 2015 08:41 AM



    I would like to pick your brains on something, I am hoping this can be changed somewhere in the settings, but I am unable to find it.


    Let's say we have a project called "Project ABC"


    Project Start = March 1, 2014

    Project End = Aug 31, 2016


    It is a project which has allocs and actuals right from March 1, 2014 till date, which is today.


    I am creating a manual cost plan, I am setting plan start and plan end as Jan 15 and Dec 15, with monthly as my time period. I use populate from investment team and it populates it right from 2014 march and adjusts the plan start to march 2014. I am able to manually adjust the start period back to jan 2015, after this action and I get my plan. I want to avoid this extra step. I need Clarity to keep my plan start and plan end intact, so that it carves out 2015 only. Any ideas?

  • 2.  Re: Carving out a yearly cost plan

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 12, 2015 05:10 PM


    Which version are you on?

    The start date of the manual CP should not change irrespective of when the Team start date is.

    I have tested this out in my lab machine and its working as expected.

    Team Start date - July 2014

    Manual Cost Plan start date is Jan 2014


    After I create a manual CP starting from Jan 2014 and populate the details from Team Investment, the cost plan start date remains at Jan 2014 and is not getting adjusted to July 2014.

    I am afraid your Time Scale view is pushing the view to start from Team Investment start date. In your TS value, in Start date attribute, under Other Date select Cost Plan's start date and see if you are able to see the start date changed to Manual CP start date.

    If its still not working, please send us step by step screenshots and will see it.