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  • 1.  Clarity Job - Delete Projects

    Posted Feb 05, 2010 06:43 AM
    The Clarity job - Delete Projects has a description as follows :   "Delete selected projects and their associated data including tasks, timesheets , documents etc."  However, I have an inactive project which I am trying to 'Mark for Deletion' But as soon as I click on Mark for Deletion, I get this error in a red box on top of the screen:    "One or more of the projects selected cannot be deleted because there are submitted time sheets that contain entries for the selected project."   I have seen whatever projects have a purge_flag set to 1 in the system at the moment, dont have any entries in PRTIMEENTRY table.    If a project cannot be marked for deletion unless it has a single timesheet booked, why the job description says it would delete any timesheets.  Please help.

  • 2.  Re: Clarity Job - Delete Projects

    Posted Feb 05, 2010 07:16 AM
    I just read the job criteria in Clarity manual and it says the projects can be marked for deletion if they have no WIP entries and no time entries against them.  This said, a single project is taking 5 minutes to get deleted on our system.  We have around 40,000 projects and at this rate it would take an unimaginable time to purge them.  Also, the job is incompatible with crucial jobs like Post Timesheets, Post Transactions to Financials and Time Slicing, thereby further bringing down its possibility of being used on a daily basis.  Can anyone advise if there are any alternatives to delete the projects in Clarity.  Has anyone in their teams implemented a mechanism to purge the projects by any other job, or have done something to speed up the existing 'Delete Projects' job?  Any help would be much much appreciated !  Thanks

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    Posted Feb 05, 2010 08:07 AM
    The options are to delete the projects form the existing system or move the active ones with all other active data to a new system, which is even worse - unless the number of projects you wnat to keep is much less than the 40 000 you want to delete.  Housekeeping ie maintenance of Clarity and database would give better performance.My understanding is that you can delete the timeentries by timeperiod by marking the timeperiods for deletion.and the n running the job Delete projects.Though that would delete the timeentries for all projects for those timeperiods even if there were some you wanted to keep.  If you have 40 000 project you want to delete there is no manual method that will help to reduce the effort.  Have you asked CA Technical Services for suggestions.? Like if the expected archiving of data in a version to come is going to make that any easier or faster.  Martti K.

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    Posted Feb 08, 2010 12:34 AM
    Martti,  Thanks a lot for the response. We have not thought of deleting the time periods, rather we were thinking of deleting the time-entries directly.  Do you mean to say that by deleting the time-periods, the corresponding timesheets & timeentries (from PRTIMESHEET and PRTIMEENTRY) are deleted implicitly?  To speed up the Delete Projects job, we came up with our own script, that is developed on similar lines as that of the existing delete projects job. CA have okayed the script except for highlighting few risks. The script deletes data from almost 150 tables.  Considering the intensive amount of testing required and costs involved, we thought it would be better to use existing delete projects job. But as highlighted, it is too slow to be put to use.  Even though CA might be coming up with faster job in later versions, it is not a possibility for us any recently, as the company does not plan to go for a higher version atleast in the near future.  

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    Posted Feb 08, 2010 01:40 AM
    I also wonder how we can delete time periods in Clarity?  The Clarity manual says, any timeperiods marked for deletion, would be deleted (with their associated timesheets, timeentries etc) by running 'Delete Projects' job.  I marked a timeperiod for deletion and then ran the 'Delete Projects' job. However, the job did nothing ! :(  The timperiod is still intact with its purge_flag set to 1.    

  • 6.  RE: Re: Clarity Job - Delete Projects

    Posted May 16, 2012 03:55 PM
    There is a solid process to purge projects. Part of this process includes removing the time sheet period.

    I went ahead and processed ALL time sheets for the periods I wanted to delete.

    Then I deleted the time periods after I posted the time sheets for that period(s)

    Then I properly closed out the porjects per CA process. (Follow this to the letter)

    Then I set projects to purge
    Ran the two jobs to process the purge per CA.

    Worked fine.

    I also did most of it via scripts to save a LOT of time.

  • 7.  Re: Clarity Job - Delete Projects

    Posted May 31, 2018 02:04 PM

    Hello Slovak,


    Can you please show the script you used to delete the projects?

    How do you use the script in your environment?


    Thanks 4 the info you can give.


    Carlos Ramirez.

    #ppmjobs #ppmprojects

  • 8.  Re: Clarity Job - Delete Projects

    Posted Feb 08, 2010 09:51 AM
    Just tested it in FP05 024The only timeperiod marked for deletion and the only posted timesheet for that just disappeared when I ran the Delete projects job.That is ran it 5 minutes after marking the timeperiod for deletion. (The normal safe waiting time for any data to be picked up by any job).  You certainly know your options:standard job - unimaginable timecustom job - just too many uncertainties with the 150 tables (I hope I may quote you on this when people propose to delete a recrod from srm_projects or something similar)improving performance with a version upgrade - not an option  There still isupgrading HW for better performancehousekeeping Clarity and DBtrying to accomplish what is possible which daily scheduled happy deletetion hour off peak usage with prescheduled jobs and scripts.  Martti K.  

  • 9.  RE: Re: Clarity Job - Delete Projects

    Posted Feb 24, 2021 03:44 AM
    Hello All,

    I know this is very OLD post, I guess we were at 7 or 8 th Version :).

    Issue: Currently we are in 15.8.1, we need to delete more then 70000 Projects from our environment and using Delete Projects is taking 5- 10 Mins if Actuals are huge it may take hours as well. Do any one come to any conclusion that we can delete bulk Projects?
    We are deleting 10 Projects per 30 mins in OFF PEAK hours only but it will take EONS to delete.. Is there any findings to delete projects faster?

    Awadhesh Dammani (Addy)
    Clarity PPM
    Location: India