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  • 1.  REST API Integrations

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 11:14 AM

    Hello all,


    Been getting our company's IdM solution off the ground for the past few months and so far chugging along. We're creating Active Directory accounts based on a payroll system, and that's all complete so now I'm looking ahead to integrate with other third party company tools to do things such as create the accounts, modify them for updates, deactivate, etc... I would like to do these integrations using REST API as many have APIs that we use for other things and it's my preference. My questions and what I'd like to discuss are the following:


    What types of integrations have you all done through the CA tool-set? Where did you implement them? I've done some things through Policy Xpress for integration in our dev instance, which worked, but I'm not sure is the best practice for these. What are your experiences with it? Limitations, pros, cons, etc...


    Let me know what you all think, please as I continue to try building this up for the company.


    Thank you.