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Auto Reject on Timeout

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  • 1.  Auto Reject on Timeout

    Posted 12-18-2017 04:18 AM


    We are using CA IdentityMinder version 12.5 SP17.


    We have a requirement to auto reject workflow requests that are pending for more than a month. We used "IM Timeout Alert" and selected "Notify IM Reject" action. The request is rejected after timeout.


    Normally, if the request is rejected by an approver, we can determine this by executing the following query:




    But when the request is rejected through action "NOTIFY IM REJECT" in alert "IM Timeout Alert", the NAME column still shows the Approval Level where the job timed out.


    Any idea on how to determine requests that were rejected automatically due to timeout?


    As an alternative, we are trying to write a JAVA class to reject requests. Any samples or guidelines would be highly appreciated.


    Thank you,



  • 2.  Re: Auto Reject on Timeout
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    Posted 12-19-2017 11:01 AM

    Hi Arij,


    It appears your version of 12.5 SP17 is no longer supported, and should be upgraded. Here's a link to our EOL timelines:

    CA Identity Manager Release and Support Lifecycle Dates - CA Technologies 


    You could use our Javadoc APIs to get the WorkflowContext --> getTimeout, (compare to current time), and WorkflowContext -> reject() method.

    Since this should be checked in a certain frequency, you can put this java code in a batch file and schedule it on the OS.


    Hope this helps,


  • 3.  Re: Auto Reject on Timeout

    Posted 12-20-2017 12:33 AM

    Hi Einav,


    Thankks for the help. We have a plan to upgrade soon.


    For WorkflowContext->reject method, where do we get access to userData from?