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IE 11 connection using https not working

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  • 1.  IE 11 connection using https not working

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 12-08-2016 10:21 AM

    I have a case where end users can use their browsers to connect to Identity Governance Portal on port 8080. However, when the same user tries to connect on port 443, they get a page not found error. 

    Chrome: No users have any issues using https

    Firefox: No users have any issues using https

    IE 11: Some systems are able to connect using https and others are not.  For example, a user cannot connect using https from their desktop, but have no problem when using a virtual desktop.  The IE settings seem to be the same in both cases.

    IG is using JBoss 5.1 and I suspect that maybe somehow they have locked IE 11 down so that it refuses to negotiate a connection using TLS 1.1. Upgrading JBoss is not an option right now.

    I did find that it is possible to specify the minimum TLS version with a register key, but this key is not set on end user machines that are having issues. Unfortunately, all of the systems that I have access to do not experience the issue, so it makes it hard for me to troubleshoot.

    Any ideas for how to troubleshoot this?

  • 2.  Re:  IE 11 connection using https not working
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 12-08-2016 12:15 PM

    Hi Ricky,


    This might has something to do with MS patch that address IE issues.  You will probably need to either upgrade the application server that suppose JVM 1.7 or 1.8 or have support contact with Oracle  JVM to provide special version of JVM 1.6 to address TLS.

    Best regards,