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  • 1.  CA IDM slow startup

    Posted Jun 07, 2017 09:10 AM

    Hi All,


    Every time we start the IDM app server, there is also delay between step 5 and step 6. I tries searching out for this can came across the How to speed up slow startup of IM server tech post, which advise to run sql query to generate the indexes. I did tried out running the query , but it didn't worked. Any idea, how can this be resolved. Using CA IDM r12.6 sp8.




  • 2.  Re: CA IDM slow startup
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 07, 2017 11:09 AM

    Hi Vasu,


    Startup step 5 is known to take a long time, it can in some cases take up to 1 hour. What happens during this step is that IDM populates its cache and reading the entire database configuration and uploading it to the cache. This is the design of the product where we are willing to have a slower startup time in order for the product to perform well during run-time after the startup finished. The data that's being uploaded are all of the IDM Directories information, all the IDM environments information including all roles, tasks, screens, policies and more.


    The amount of time it eventually taking Startup Step 5 depends on all of these variables such as how many IDM IMEs you have, how many roles, policies, tasks etc and how much information you have in them. This greatly varies between customers and between environments even for the same customer. 


    So, with all that said, I would say that it's well to be expected that Startup Step 5 takes a very long time , certainly much longer than the rest of the Startup Steps.


    If you have further concerns you can open a support case and provide the startup log (preferably under DEBUG mode).





  • 3.  Re: CA IDM slow startup

    Posted Mar 14, 2018 08:18 PM

    We are dealing with a similar situation at a project where we have about 7000 roles that used to take about 50 plus minutes to load in the cache. This was due to multiple issues - 1. Network latency between IDM servers and backend Oracle database 2. DB performance issue 3. Non-indexed objects 4. IDM server hardware specs.

    Solving network latency was major factor for us. We are also regular Oracle DB optimizations (collecting stats etc.) and also indexed major DB queries for objects like IM roles, IM screens, IM tasks etc. We brought the overall time to start IDM down to about 9-10 minutes. We are further working with DBAs to analyze IDM queries that longer to load and see if additional indexes could be created. 




  • 4.  Re: CA IDM slow startup

    Posted Mar 15, 2018 05:13 AM



    Please consider that the total number of provisioning roles greatly impact the total time to start.

    It's mandatory to put in place role model governance to reduce the prov. roles cardinality.

    At regular times you need to check:

    • orphan roles : no user belong to this role > is it still necessary ?
    • obsolete roles : this role doesn't make sense any more (i.e. due to re-org, mergers) > remove it
    • similar roles : roles that differs each other only for one resource assignment > find alternative method to assign resources (i.e Policy Xpress)
    • ....


    regards, Roberto