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JasperSoft NT Service for IMAG (Apache Tomcat)

  • 1.  JasperSoft NT Service for IMAG (Apache Tomcat)

    Posted Aug 15, 2016 10:53 PM
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    I was running through the instructions for JasperSoft as the report server for IMAG.   I was please at how quick the process went for deployment and ease for configuration.


    One area that I saw needed improvement was the creation of a NT service for the Apache Tomcat feature.


    Unfortunately, the default service.bat does not reference the pre-built startup.bat, catalina.bat, and the setenv.bat.

    So the impact is when service.bat install is used, we only have a partially running JasperSoft server running.


    Fortunately, we can use the catalina logs to determine what are the missing options needed; and confirm this with MS Sysinternal ProcMonitor tool.


    Executing the startup.bat file, we will see this script call the catalina.bat, then the setenv.bat; and finally execute java with its options.


    I created a table to capture the delta between what was used with the startup.bat process and versus the OOTB service.bat


    We can see that a few flags are missing from either setenv.bat or catalina.bat.




    Resolution:   Create a copy of service.bat and update.


    Step 1:   Declare variables to be used at top of the file.

      Note that the JASPER License was called out with the full path.

      The extra Java options were collected together to allow a single update.

      To manage the max/min memory, and to change it at will, these flags were called out.


    Step 2:  Update the service name to match a useful name for JasperSoft

    I selected CA_Jasper to allow the NT services to align with the other CA services for IMAG



    Step 3:  Update the Java Options with the new variable of JAVA_OPT_EXTRA   and update the minimal (initial) and maximum memory hard-coded values to use the variables.



    Step 4:   Save this file, then execute with    service_updated_for_jasper.bat  install

    If you previously installed it, you can remove it via:   service_updated_for_jasper.bat  remove

    Start up the NT service:   net start CA_Jasper



    Step 5:  Monitor the Apache Tomcat Log for the new values


    Step 6: Login to JasperSoft with the default userID and password:   superuser/superuser

    Note: I changed my default Apache Tomcat port from 8080 to 18080 [18443/18009] to avoid conflict with other software on my IG sandbox.   This port update was made in the Apache Tomcat conf\server.xml file.


    Step 7:  Update the new NT service for CA Jasper from manual to auto

    Either via the services.msc  UI   or view MS sc tool.




    Hope you found this useful.



    Another method:



    Enclosing an example of the service_updated_for_jasper.bat file.