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Redhat Report Server Defect

  • 1.  Redhat Report Server Defect

    Posted Jun 11, 2015 11:11 AM

    Redhat Report Server Defect.


    A defect was discovered within the CABI 3.3 SP1 Report server when it's deployed on RHEL 6.6.


    When trying to request or view a Crystal report, they appear to be stuck in a “pending status” and eventually resultsin “an error occurred while creating a subprocess in the processing server”.
    /var/log/messages will also show: “Subprocess (Job Server Child) could not be started” errors.

    System Environment:

    RedHat 6.6 (X11 patch libX11-1.6.0-2.2.el6) with SAP BusinessObjects XI3.1 SP6 (CABI 3.3 SP1) deployed.


    The SAP CrystalReports depends on a third party component on Unix. The third party component doesn’t work with the new X11 patch on RedHat. We need to downgrade the X11 as a workaround, since third party component patch is not available.




    Still being developed by SAP, fix should be available summer 2015.

    (tentative) Workaround procedure:

    (putty log typescript.txt is attached to this email where the whole procedure was captured real-time while being implemented)

    $BOEDIR =/opt/CA/SharedComponents/CommonReporting3/bobje/
    1. Log in to linux system as BOE user
    2. Stop BOE servers (./stopservers)
    3. Stop SQL Anywhere (./
    4. Stop Tomcat (./
    5. stop mainwin processes by execute the below commands:
    cd $BOEDIR/setup
    mwadm stop

    (nothing was stopped using this mwadm command on CA lab, but still give it a shot)

    6. stop all processes named Xvfb or XvfbDaemon if any (kill -9)

    (ps –elfa | grep –I xvfb returned nothing on ca lab system, but please still check on yours)

    7. Perform the following yum downgrade command using root user:
    yum downgrade libX11.i686 libX11.x86_64 libX11-common.noarch libX11-devel.i686 libX11-devel.x86_64 libXt libXres libXvMC libXext libXinerama libdmx libXinerama libXrender libXcursor libXrandr mesa-libGL libXtst libXi libXi libXxf86dga libXxf86vm libXv tigervnc-server libXrandr-devel libXcursor-devel libXfixes libXext-devel mesa-libGL-devel libXi-devel libXrender-devel libXxf86vm-devel libXv-devel libXinerama-devel libXfixes libXtst-devel libXfixes-devel libXt-devel mesa-dri-drivers mesa-private-llvm
    (If you get errors regarding the dependency files, just append those file names to the “yum downgrade”)

    8. Clean up files under tmp folders:
    rm -rf /tmp/
    rm -rf /var/tmp/
    rm -rf $BOEDIR/tmp/
    rm -rf $BOEDIR/serverpids/

    (make sure nothing is in the above directories, you may have to remove them as root)

    9. Update file
    back up $BOEDIR/setup/
    In uncomment the 2 lines (remove ‘#’):
    # MW_XVFB_AC="1"
    # export MW_XVFB_AC

    (there’s a copy of attached to this email, simply replace yours with the one attached)

    10. start SQL Anywhere (./
    11. start Tomcat (./
    12. BOE servers (./startservers)
    13. Import the default reports.


    **above workaround initially seems to work, but then after running the cmsdbsetup or serverconfig commands, the report server seems to break again.  This is being worked out with SAP (IM Report Server vendor).


    Please respond with any questions or concerns.

    Thank you.



    Chris Thomas
    Principal Support Engineer

    Identity Manager Reporting Expert

    ca technologies | One CA Plaza | Islandia, NY 11749 | (631) 342-4360