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XA Drivers for JDBC for weblogic

  • 1.  XA Drivers for JDBC for weblogic

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 26, 2014 02:04 PM

    We have had occasions where we noticed that using the XA Transaction JDBC drivers when IDM is deployed in Web Logic results in problems with the Quartz tables. Specifically we noticed that if using the Execute Bulk Task and trying to create a scheduled task then the record is not getting written to the QUARTZ tables in the object store database. If the record is not written then the bulk task is not considered scheduled and therefore you will subsequently not be able to modify that schedule using the Modify Scheduled Task.


    Note that XA Enabled Transacations are not required under Web Logic and there is no reason to use the XA Drivers. This is required and should be used for Web Sphere (see the installation guide for web sphere -> pre-requirements section) but not for web logic.


    Therefore, please do not use the XA Transacation drivers for JDBC when with Web Logic.




    Sagi Gabay,

    CA Technologies.