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  • 1.  CA Spectrum Model_name auto change

    Posted Apr 05, 2019 12:39 AM


    Previously i already rename the Name in the spectrum. Recently the name is auto change one receive Diff Type Model alarm. Why this happen? can i disable the auto reconfigure model?


  • 2.  Re: CA Spectrum Model_name auto change

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 05, 2019 07:38 AM


     The current modeltype does not match what Spectrum thinks it should be according to the system object id.  Depending on what these are and how you got here, you may just need to run the NewMM.pl script to convert them to the correct modeltype.  Here's a good example of it's usage:

    CA Spectrum Tuesday Tip: DIFFERENT MODEL TYPE alarms and NewMM.pl  


    Or you may need to "recertify" them to another modeltype:

    Customer is getting numerous " DIFFERENT TYPE MODE - CA Knowledge  


    Or, you can simply delete and remodel them and Spectrum will use the modeltype it thinks it should be.