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LACP Port Aggregation Table view Privilege

  • 1.  LACP Port Aggregation Table view Privilege

    Posted May 14, 2019 04:06 AM



    i'm trying to configure Privileges for a client view and i want to restrict the information that is show in the Component Detail, tab Information for devices.


    Despite i disabled LACP Port Aggregation Table privilege:


    It's still showing the table in that view.


    I've seach that privilege in the file in OneClick Server:



    And the privilege aplied is called "LACPPrtAggrTbl"



    And in the privileges file:


    I dont find the privilege listed and the closest reference to LACP is this one:



    It is possible that the privilege is not defined correctly?


    How to fix it?


    I'm using CASPectrum



    Javier Hermosilla.