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  • 1.  Not able to Login to OC-services after upgrade

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 06, 2018 08:59 AM
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    Dear all, 


    it appears we see more and more issue at Support level by Customer claiming that they see serious issue after upgraded CA Spectrum install to R10.2.2 or R10.2.3. 


    The login failure appears to affect both "services" - the http/https access to the OC-webpage - and also for accessing the OC-Console (or launching this directly via "javaws"/*.jnlp reference) even it appears the OC-server(tomcat) task and also the SpectroSERVERs are running fine (at process level). 


    Background appears to be a "communication" issue at logical level between the OC-Server and the SpectroSERVER(s). Due to this the OC-server does not have the appropriate "context" - so due to missing "model-information" the OC-server does not allow a successful logon. 


    As a workaround - to resolve this problem - run a "./update action=0x10103 mh=<user_model_handle>" - which is the user HOME_INTEGRITY.  To do so - please do as follows: 

    - stop down the OC-Server(s)

    - go to the MLS per Spectrum install owner into a bash -login/shell - and here to "./connect" to the SpectroSERVER - 

      doing then:    ./update action=0x10103 mh=<install_owner_model_handle>

    - verify when now starting OC-server again - if logon works again



    More background here is:

    • OC-server is connected via 14002/14003 to SpectroSERVERs ( == OK )
    • SpectroSERVER runs connect_able via CLI. So checking the "user-list" via ./show models mth=0x10004 
      shows install owner is "Active". This proofs the SpectroSERVER appears to be fine.
    • For a distributed Spectrum install the "user models" needs a "synced" context within the DSS - doing this 
      per ./update action=0x10103 mh=<install_owner_model_handle>
      This then could be done for all "user models" per loop - see sample script which you may place to ./vnmsh/sample_scripts
    • The CORBA communication between OC-server and SpectroSERVER is using TCP-sessions (14002/3 - or for alarm reverse backend 14001 at OC-server) - this is then using "context" of the install-owner. As long this "context" is affected at the MLS this appears to affect the overall communiation - thus the OC-server does not have the ability to allow a logon (same like the OC-server is missing in the .hostrc for the MLS/SpectroSERVER).


    hth, cheers, Joerg 


    user_mdl_10103.txt.zip   635 B 1 version

  • 2.  Re: Not able to Login to OC-services after upgrade

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 06, 2018 09:03 AM

    This symptom is addressed to be fixed by CA Spectrum R10.3 release. 

    Find also discussion here:  unable to login into OC GUI 

  • 3.  Re: Not able to Login to OC-services after upgrade

    Posted Aug 02, 2018 05:31 AM

    Hi Joerg,


    I don't know if you need some feedbacks, but I know what it happens, I had several time this issue. You only have to wait until the MLS is ready, then restart OC.

    I think, OC can connect to the SpectroSERVER, but the SpectroSERVER (MLS) is not ready and cannot deliver the information about Users and privileges to OneClick. OC doesn't try anymore to get them.

    Here an example from a customer:

    -    The MLS SpectroSERVER starts (VNM.OUT):
         Jul 24 06:24:22 : /spectrum/SS/SpectroSERVER starting
    -   OC starts (catalina.out):
         Jul 24, 2018 6:29:38 AM org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol init
    -    The MLS SpectroSERVER is ready:
         Jul 24 06:45:37 : /spectrum/SS/SpectroSERVER
                 is now ready on port 0xbeef...


    We had to restart OC.


    Best Regards,