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Updated Cisco Devices:  NCM Cisco IOS - SSH Capable Family

  • 1.  Updated Cisco Devices:  NCM Cisco IOS - SSH Capable Family

    Posted Mar 08, 2019 09:57 AM

    Hello All,


    Broadcom has identified an issue that Cisco is now bundling the K9 feature set within the IOS and it's no longer an add on.

    While is not an issue in itself, it does remove "K9 from the System Description.

    Spectrum currently looks for "K9” in the sysDescr attribute on the device to note that it supports SSH and higher encryption.

    So these new devices are not being placed into the Cisco IOS - SSH Capable device family for NCM.


    This will be fixed in 10.3.2 which is due out the first half of 2019.


    Meanwhile, there is a feature in 10.3.1 we are calling "NCM Self Certification that should help in the meantime for these devices.



    You can execute device commands.

    So in Cisco's case, you would have the "show running-config” in the list.

    These families are SSH only and cannot be configured to use TFTP or SNMP.


    Any questions, please let us know here.