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  • 1.  Set up alerting on ENV Temp status on devices

    Posted Sep 25, 2018 05:26 PM

    I set up a switch copy and router copy and added env temp things. I was wondering if anyone has written a rule / alert on when things change and go bad. 


    In netvoyant, i could see temp of line cards and the led status green yellow red.


    In this tool, does someone have an example/examples on how to set up alerting on when the temp status changes from green to yellow and green to red?  Or temp rises a certain # of degrees above a baseline?

  • 2.  Re: Set up alerting on ENV Temp status on devices

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 03, 2018 06:07 PM

    Hi Dick,


    Are there metrics for the target elements in CAPM that shows the data that reflects these changes?


    I don't have samples, though if we have polled data to compare against for threshold violations I don't see why a set of Event rules couldn't be configured to progressively raise Minor->Major->Critical Events as the data changes.