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Adding Landscapes (SpectroSERVER) to existing ReportManager install

  • 1.  Adding Landscapes (SpectroSERVER) to existing ReportManager install

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 12, 2018 07:51 AM

    Dear all, 


    in case an existing CA Spectrum Distributed Install is extended by one Landscape(SpectroSERVER) this is at SpectroSERVER level implemented via reference to the existing "MLS"/MainLocationServer. Here most important is the entry in configuration file $SPECROOT/LS/.locrc covering the MLS server configured. 


    Sample:    $SPECROOT/LS/.locrc covers  MAIN_LOCATION_HOST_NAME=specmls


    This new SpectroSERVER startup now will register via LocationService "into the DSS" - so doing a $SPECROOT/SS-Tools/MapUpdate -view - will show you this SpectroSERVER as part of the DSS context (ensure to have $SPECROOT/.hostrc updated to cover all other DSS members (SpectroSERVERs and OC-Severs)).


    Now - by updated LandscapeMap - the OC-Server with enabled ReportManager - will "see" this additional landscape. So doing a logon to the OC-webpage - then going to Administration - here then select dialog "Landscapes" you will see this new Landscape being part of the DSS. 


    To now enable this OC/SRM service to start logging this new Landscape data you have to enable this via OC-webpage - then going to Administration -> ReportManager -> SPECTRUM Status. This enables the monitoring "per now". 


    One more option is then - once enabled - to reset the sync date/time back so the OC/SRM will collect historical data - is the use of tool "./bin/RpmgrInitializeLandscape.sh". 


    Usage is (please stop OC/SRM tomcat when using this tool):

    Usage: RpmgrInitializeLandscape <username> <password>

                   [-skipInitialHistory]  [-initHist <# of days>]  [-slm]  [-all]  [<landscape1> <landscape2> ...]


    So - doing a  ./RpmgrInitializeLandscape.sh root root -initHist 45 <new_landscape/spectroSERVER> 

    will set the sync date back to "today - 45 days". This then allows Oc/SRSM to also retrieve historical data up to the depth of data stored in the Spectrum ArchiveManager (see parameter ./SS/DDM/.configrc -> MAX_EVENT_DAYS)




    Kind regards, Joerg