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  • 1.  Increase ICMP poll time

    Posted May 28, 2018 07:58 PM



    I need to configure that Spectrum evaluated for 5 minutes a device that didn´t response ping and when it exceeds this time, generate an alert. This is only for a part of the devices that I have in Oneclick, not for all.


    According to documentation, Spectrum evaluates the SNMP agent for 3 attempts and 3000 ms, if it fails, a PING request is sent and if this also fails, the alert "The device has stopped responding to polls" is generated otherwise generates the "Management agent Lost" alert.


    That is to say that the 2 faults of the alert "The device has stopped responding to polls" I like this generation in less than 1 minute and the client has requested this time for 5 minutes. What is the way to modify the ICMP poll time on only some devices?


    Thank you

  • 2.  Re:  Increase ICMP poll time

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 28, 2018 09:16 PM

    Hi Sebastian,


    The polling interval tab on the pingable model should help you. Configure the polling interval to what ever time you need and alarm in case it  goes down.