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  • 1.  how to report running protocols

    Posted Apr 06, 2018 01:33 PM

    This must be a basic question but I cannot find relevant post or document.


    I'm new in this environement and we already have a good base of Spectrum implemented on our network.

    There are features not yet implemented and reports on what protocol / service is running on each device would be what I would like to look into.


    Is this possible with Spectrum?

    Where could I find info about it.


    Thank you. 



  • 2.  Re: how to report running protocols
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 09, 2018 05:24 AM

    Hi Gilles,

    This capability is not really part of Spectrum and it would be extremely difficult to create this in Spectrum.

    For protocols, NetQOS would most likely be your best bet with a Protocol Distribution Report.


    Viewing Operations Management Reports - CA NetQoS NetVoyant - 7.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    best regards,