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Seeing SNMP v3 Profiles are lost

  • 1.  Seeing SNMP v3 Profiles are lost

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 16, 2018 04:56 AM

    Dear all, 


    it appears that some customers did raise Support cases claiming about missing (lost) SNMP v3 Profiles after migration to CA Spectrum R10.2.3. Most likely this symptom is seen for a DSS/Distributed SpectroSERVER install.


    Introduced by CA Spectrum R10.2.3 the SMMP v3 Profile handling is improved and this requires a database update which is done during upgrade and first startup. So this issue appears to be specifically for CA Spectrum R10.2.3 upgrades. 


    It appears "something" could fail - so a manual re-triggering of the SNMP v3 profile migration is required. This is implemented via CLI by action code "0x10332". 


    So in case you had lost the SNMP v3 profiles - please do as follows: 

    --->  here per each landscape in the DSS: 


    A:  find per landscape the "GlobalConfig" model (do this per ./show models mth=0x10470)

    B:  then run action=0x10332 to this (do this per  ./update action=0x10332 mh=<GlobalConfig_mh>


    Do this in the sequence of applying the action first to the MLS and subsequent to the other DSS Landscape members. Ensure all your DSS members are up and running.  After this trigger the OLB to ensure the secondaries (when available) are updated too - and following this do a OC-server restart. 




    Kind regards, Joerg 


    (P.S: If your install is still affected please raise a CA Spectrum support case. This problem is per now not recreatable at will and any additional info is highly appreciated)