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NEW! CA Performance Management 3.1 Informational Videos

  • 1.  NEW! CA Performance Management 3.1 Informational Videos

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 06, 2017 09:01 AM

    Check out CA Performance Management 3.1 enhancements by viewing these informational videos. Click on the enhancement to view the video.


    Operational UI Improvements - CA Performance Management 3.1 increases operational efficiency and simplicity by making workflows easier and providing quicker access to actionable data. This video examines key user interface improvements in views, geo-location information, and aggregation techniques that can be invaluable in the ongoing effort to reduce problem-solving time and, by extension, reduce the cost to maintain the productivity of your infrastructure.


    ACI Console Improvements - CA Performance Management 3.1 enables quick identification and troubleshooting of health issues in Cisco ACI environments. This video examines this feature, which was implemented on the out-of-the-box ACI console dashboard.


    Business Intelligence JasperReports Server - CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server allows for the reporting of CA Performance Management performance data on the CABI JasperReports platform. This video shows how, starting with CA Performance Management version 3.1, you can generate multi-variable, large-scale Top N reports.


    Disaster Recovery - Planning on a disaster is never a pleasant experience. Having a plan in the event of a catastrophe is a necessary step to ensure continued operations of CA Performance Management while minimizing downtown and data loss. This video introduces how CA Performance Management version 3.1 establishes a detailed disaster recovery procedure meant to re-establish normal operations in the event of a major disruption such as a hurricane or fire.