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  • 1.  Self Service Trap Mapping

    Posted Mar 14, 2017 04:51 PM

    A lot of the operational work that I do in Spectrum is related to mapping traps from a 'new' vendor that someone in the company brings and wants to monitor.


    So I either do it manually via EventDisp/AlertMap files or through #mibtools  I generally don't use the #eceditor because it overwrites and reformats my comments and updates in #eventdisp and #alertmap files.


    That said, I'd like to see if people have been able to come up w/ a 'self-service' method for their customers that someone might be able to provide a MIB and a list of SNMP traps within that/those MIBs that they want to alert on, and hypothetically click a button to get them added to Spectrum.  I don't really care which application this is done through whether it is #mibtools, #eceditor, web services or command line; I just am looking for a better way to automate this.  It is a pain to have to walk through modifying everything to get them added.


    This would also be great for polling threshold alerts (i.e. watches or the old "#spectrowatch for those who go way back : ) ) on new SNMP MIB attributes.


    Once that is completed, allowing my customers to go and make modifications to those would be great as well, but if I can get ideas on the first part, I'll be happy (and deal w/ the second part later).


    Anybody come up w/ any ideas on how to do it?  There are very few command line options, if any, for MIBTools or the #eceditor, and I don't see any possible way to do it via web services.