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  • 1.  Disable SNMP Polling?

    Posted Jul 11, 2016 07:56 PM

    Hi All,


    I would like to know if there is any quick/easy way to disable SNMP polling on certain models?




    I have models which are being automatically discovered using AutoDiscovery and they are being modelled as Workstation-Servers, this is because SNMP access is available. I would like to monitor these models only via ICMP on a 5-10 minute polling interval.


    The environment is configured such that these models will report any issues via SNMP trap and it is not required for any monitoring of threshold/watches etc.


    I have tried to change the model type to pingable but unable to stop the SNMP polling.



  • 2.  Re: Disable SNMP Polling?

    Posted Jul 12, 2016 07:44 AM

    If the devices are modeled as a Pingable model type, then Spectrum will not send any snmp to the device. It sends icmp only.

  • 3.  Re: Disable SNMP Polling?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 12, 2016 08:08 AM
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    As Joe notes the pingable modeltype will not send SNMP, only ICMP.  You noted that you tried changing the modeltype to pingable, but you cannot change it on the fly.  You would actually need to manually create it using the “New Model by Type” option and selecting the Pingable modeltype. Have you tried that?

  • 4.  Re: Disable SNMP Polling?

    Posted Jul 12, 2016 06:38 PM

    Hi All,


    Thanks for your response, I am aware that the device must be discovered as pingable in order to prevent SNMP polling but as I am using auto discovery then it automatically models the device.


    The model by type does allow me to correct it but this means I will need to do it for every device (approx. 28K devices) so not feasible.


    I need a solution that will result in auto discovery modelling it as pingable. I have been exploring the device certifications configuration but without any success so far.


    Does anyone have any other ideas?



  • 5.  Re: Disable SNMP Polling?
    Best Answer

    Posted Jul 13, 2016 05:09 AM

    Put a dummy SNMP community in the discovery profile, so the devices won't respond to SNMP requests. It will be created as Pingables. Also, it could be a good idea to decrease the number of retries on the SNMP requests and the timeouts on each request, so the discovery process will speed up, as you only need them as Pingables.

  • 6.  Re: Disable SNMP Polling?

    Posted Jan 17, 2017 02:41 AM

    Thanks for the idea!!