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Modeling dispatched traffic on DSCP values

  • 1.  Modeling dispatched traffic on DSCP values

    Posted Mar 09, 2016 10:17 AM

    Hello community!

    Let's consider this theoretical network architecture:



    1- On the DATA CENTER side, two different kind of traffic each tagged with a different DSCP value are sent to a provider switch

    2- The provider switch on the DATA CENTER distributes either VPN1 or VPN2 regarding the DSCP value

    3- All the provider switches represented above are not reachable by Spectrum by SNMP or ICMP because their management addresses are Provider's not Customer's.

    4- The three routers are not Cisco: HPH3C.


    My question is the following:

    How is it possible to modelize this architecture in Spectrum knowing that there could be N remote sites and N VPNs?

    Data center, Location A and Location B are located in 3 different Network Models in Spectrum. My main concern is to give visibility to a random user which does not know the network architecture, that Location A is connected to DC through VPN1 and Location B is connected to DC through VPN2.


    Kind regards,