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update security string (0x10009) via rest api

  • 1.  update security string (0x10009) via rest api

    Posted 11-27-2015 06:31 AM



    I want to add a device or modify an added device via rest api.


    I can successfully add a device, but when I add a value for attribute 0x10009, security string, not adding as I want.


    if I add a device without 0x10009, device is adding with a default security string, default value for 0x10009, like (xyz|abc), in brackets


    If I add a device with 0x10009&val=123, security string is (xyz|abc)&123


    If I update with PUT method, with




    security string is again (xyz|abc)&123


    You have any idea about this ? Why I'm not updating security string correctly via restapi unless I edit it manually on one click gui to click "set" .



  • 2.  Re: update security string (0x10009) via rest api

    Posted 11-27-2015 08:01 AM



    If you are inserting a device, check the container that you are adding the device into's security string. It will inherit the security that the device is in and follow normal 'security string' protocol/rules. The xyz|abc seems to be the permission from the parent container.


    Permissions are inherited and seems this is the problem you are having. You cannot give a device a security string, if the parent container doesn't also have that permission. It's like giving someone permission to a door in the house, without giving them permission to your front or back door!


    I would read up on the Security String feature so you better understand how it works and how inheritance works.





  • 3.  Re: update security string (0x10009) via rest api

    Posted 11-27-2015 08:55 AM

    Thanks Franks. It is very helpfull.