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  • 1.  IM2 Data Aggregator Interfaces

    Posted Aug 15, 2014 05:19 AM

    The more I use the more I don't like it!


    I like ehealth in the fact that you can quickly discover a device fully with all interfaces and before polling you are able to delete what you don't want.


    This does not seem to be the case in Data Aggregator - for interfaces its all or nothing, or use rules


    And you can only delete the device after discovery and not individual interfaces.


    Am I missing something or this is how it currently stands

  • 2.  Re: IM2 Data Aggregator Interfaces

    Posted Aug 15, 2014 03:13 PM

    Given the first line if your post, I'd ask if you've seen the most recent webcast: Webcast - IM Product Group Vision and Strategy Review. The change in direction/audience for the IM2.0 product group has been enough for us to reenter the decision phase. We're now looking for an alternative (either go back to NetVoyant/eHealth or consider an SNMP performance monitor from another vendor) since we're not a mega carrier; we're an enterprise.