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InfoView logon problems for a Spectrum/CABI integration

  • 1.  InfoView logon problems for a Spectrum/CABI integration

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 31, 2015 07:57 AM

    Dear all,


    there could be a problem of running into a logon issue with CABI InfoView application. The InfoView as part fo the CABI allow multiple parameter during logon processing - but by default not all logon options are available.

    To configure this please have a look to - and edit:


    $CABI_HOME/CommonReporting3/Tomcat6/webapps/InfoViewApp/WEB-INF -> file "web.xml"


    Find in here 2 parms:

    --> authentication.visible

    --> authentication.default


    From "web.xml" find:




    This could be the case for i.e.: Default CABI install is with "not visible" - and - "secEnterprise" - which then had caused any logon to fail due to SingleSignOn config.

    (as the CABI internal password was default / and did not match to the LDAP hosted security credentials (user + password)).


    Configured the authentication.visible - and then verified sec/LDAP authentication works - then re-edit the default authentication method to "secLDAP".

    When changing the "web.xml" you have to restart CABI services (see SIA - restart for Tomcat) - and you can verify the full logon parameter set in the logon dialog.


    Note - there is in addition a correction covered by CA Spectrum R9.4.2 and higher -- but above "debugging" will shed some lights to any logon error for InfoView due to logon default setup.


    Hope this help .. cheers, Joerg