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High Availabilty Approaches IM2

  • 1.  High Availabilty Approaches IM2

    Posted 07-30-2014 10:43 AM

    Hi All,


    Interested how others approach High Availability with their reporting tools:


    CA eHealth - ARCServe

    From a quick read this is the only option, and becomes active when failure occurs - and a manual switch back to when "primary" becomes available.

    Would this be a whole eHealth server install? or just the DB?

    And regarding data gaps? their will be gaps for the time it takes to fail over - and the whole period on the backup if you were to run a report in that space at the end of the month?


    What would be ideal is to get the same fail-over as Spectrum.


    I suppose the only way to get this is to run a whole "Backup" infrastructure that is always running and polling?


    CA Data Aggregator -  Vertica cluster

    Best approach

    CA PC  ?



    CA Netflow Analysis  ?


    Any comment/views would be greatly appreciated.


    - BAL

  • 2.  Re: High Availabilty Approaches IM2

    Posted 07-30-2014 11:23 AM

    CAPC, NFA, ADA, and UCMonitor all can use ARCServe for HA. It used to be the official stance from CA, but that may have changed since CA just spun off ARCServe.

  • 3.  Re: High Availabilty Approaches IM2

    Posted 08-04-2014 05:48 AM



    What do other people have deployed? Do you bother?