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Need help modeling a Fujitsu M10 server.

  • 1.  Need help modeling a Fujitsu M10 server.

    Posted 07-30-2014 11:06 AM

    I need to model a Fujitsu M10 server.  I am able to model it and obtain most of the necessary information.  The key piece that is missing is environmental information.  Fan status, temp, power supplies, etc.  It has been modeled through the front end port.  This labels it as a Net-SNMP  Solaris device.  I also modeled it using the XZCF interface.  This labeled it as a Net-SNMP Linux device.  There was not much difference in the information provided.  The main point is that neither provided the environmental information.

    Has anyone modeled these devices?  Is XSCF suppose to proved environmental information through SNMP?  Is an agent from Fujitsu or CA needed for this?  Any help is appreciated.



    Rich Johnson

  • 2.  Re: Need help modeling a Fujitsu M10 server.

    Posted 08-01-2014 10:50 AM

    Hi Rich.-


    Sound like that Spectrum doesn't have a enhacned certification for these devices.


    Anyway, you can create your own model type (based on the systemOIDs) for each device and create custome view/tables/etc with the information needed for each model


    See the Certification Use Guide for details


    I think that it is the best way to move on this case