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CmnDscvrClassification testing

  • 1.  CmnDscvrClassification testing

    Posted Apr 02, 2014 09:47 AM


    I had to customize the file CmnDscvrClassification.xml so it can do better classification of servers when running discoveries.

    I found the utiliy CmnDscvrClassifierTest.exe inside the C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\Network Discovery Gateway\bin that seems to be the tool I need to see what server class would be used for a particular ip/hostname but I'm getting errors when using the command as described by running the command /?

    Usage: CmnDscvrClassifierTest.exe 1 {{hostname} {IPv4addr} {IPv6addr} {MACaddr}}
                       [-snmp3 {username authtype authpass privtype privpass}]
           CmnDscvrClassifierTest.exe 2 {tcp | udp | http | telnet | snmp2 {communit
    y name} | snmp3 {username authtype authpass privtype privpass}}
                       {hostname or IP address}
                       [{snmp port} [snmp object ID] [gettable] | {tcp/udp port} [re
    , where option 1 classifies the hosts/devices, and
            option 2 tests the individual engine.


    So I try to run CmnDscvrClassifierTest.exe 1

    any idea what should be the correct syntax ?

    using version 12.8.1