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Tech Tip:  Identifying Installed Software With SNMP

  • 1.  Tech Tip:  Identifying Installed Software With SNMP

    Posted May 04, 2018 01:36 PM

    A customer recently asked if it was possible to identify the software installed on a PAM instance, without logging into the GUI.  This can actually be done using SNMP.  As long as SNMP Polling is enabled in PAM you will be able to find the following gkVersion and gkAppliedPatches MIB objects.  When I did a MIB walk I saw the following for these objects, on a 3.1.1 system:

    gkVersion -

    gkAppliedPatches - PAM_SUPPORT_SSH_DEBUG (14:42 11-01-2018), true (20:39 06-03-2018), CAPAM_3.0.1 (01:52 30-11-2017), CAPAM_3.1.1.12 (16:37 23-04-2018), CAPAM_3.1.1 (18:27 23-01-2018), CAPAM_3.1.1.13 (16:02 11-04-2018), CAPAM_3.1.1.18 (15:03 26-04-2018), CAPAM_3.1.0 (17:58 09-01-2018)


    Here is a link to the SNMP section of the 3.1.1 Wiki:  Authorize SNMP Polling - CA Privileged Access Manager - 3.1.1 - CA Technologies Documentation.


    The same objects are available in the MIBs for other PAM versions.  If you need further assistance please open a Support ticket.