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  • 1.  A2A Sample for IIS + web.config

    Posted Apr 25, 2019 10:39 PM

    Hi All,


    I am trying to build a basic lab with a simple working case using A2A in this scenario ==> using IIS + web.config.


    I installed the client A2A for Windows (setup_windows64_java.exe) and I didn´t find in the examples folder $CSPM_CLIENT_HOME\cloakware\cspmclient\examples\Csharp\IIS, the files to build this scenario and the documentation isn´t clear how to build it without the samples.


    My question is:

    Could you provide me the samples files for IIS as stated in the online documentation? Or some sample that I could start with.


    In the documentation we have this:


    This example is available on A2A Client Windows installations, in the $CSPM_CLIENT_HOME\cloakware\cspmclient\examples\Csharp\IIS directory:


    - ConnectionFactory.cs

    - CspmClientComObject.cs

    - Connect.aspx

    - Web.config



    Reference to the online doc:


    Thanks for your help!!


    Best regards,

    - Darcio Takara

  • 2.  Re: A2A Sample for IIS + web.config

    Posted Apr 26, 2019 04:14 PM

    As you noted, the documentation states that the examples folder should include what you are seeking.  I installed the Windows A2A client and also did not see the $CSPM_CLIENT_HOME\cloakware\cspmclient\examples\Csharp\IIS directory.  I'm checking if this truly is supported, or if any of my colleagues have the examples you need.

  • 3.  Re: A2A Sample for IIS + web.config

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 03, 2019 03:47 PM

    I see we have C# examples in $CSPM_CLIENT_HOME\cloakware\cspmclient\examples\C#_64   and also C#.   Have you seen them, and do they help at all?

  • 4.  Re: A2A Sample for IIS + web.config
    Best Answer

    Posted May 03, 2019 04:06 PM
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    Hi MAnttila,


    I opened a support ticket and I got the files from them.


    With those files, I could integrate web.config in a customer environment with A2A.






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