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PIM 12.9 and advanced login

  • 1.  PIM 12.9 and advanced login

    Posted 05-19-2015 08:40 AM


    i am testing  CA PIM 12.9 , and with the proxy login , my client normally let the user use their AD account to login into the server with RDP connection.

    previously , they were using the advanced login, to initiate the connection to the specific server, Now with the Proxy connection , they would like to use the AD user to login into any specific server with RDP, but in ver 12.9 advanced login only exist under the activeX login. ?!

    so , how could we let any AD user to login with his account (privilege account as being part of Domain admins and so) to login with the PROXY_RDP (so it will be recorded ) ?



  • 2.  Re: PIM 12.9 and advanced login

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 05-21-2015 05:23 AM



    Please follow the documentation below




    Mohammed Mustansir

  • 3.  Re: PIM 12.9 and advanced login

    Posted 06-08-2015 05:09 AM

    Thanks for your reply

    but this is can't solve the proxy RDP with domain users !!

    in the previous version 12.8 , we could use the advanced login , to specify the domain user with that specific endpoint , and the login we want (and record it via ActiveX and observeIT)

    but now the proxy RDP only record for local users only and can't have the advanced login with the proxy RDP to record the session ...

    please clarify if I understand wrongly.


    best regards



  • 4.  Re: PIM 12.9 and advanced login

    Posted 06-12-2015 12:18 AM



    I vouch for Mustansir, currently, PROXY with domain users is not supported.



    Vinay Reddy

  • 5.  Re: PIM 12.9 and advanced login

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 06-10-2015 05:27 AM



    As per my understanding currently domain users are not supported, would request you open a enhancement request for same.



    Mohammed Mustansir