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  • 1.  How can you rename/move the domain manager?

    Posted May 07, 2019 02:48 AM



    we need to update the server OS for our Domain Manager and the connected database server. I was able to find information on how to move the database and something about renaming the domain manager through DSM explorer.

    But our scenario would probably look like this:

    - install new server with new host name for the Domain Manager

    - either on the same or dedicated DB server install new SQL Server (on new SQL Server release) and recover database


    How can I make this work?

    Is it possible to simply tell the scalability servers to report to a new Domain Manager?

    Will the involved systems (Domain Manager, Scalability Servers, Agents) keep their history and install information up to that point?

    Is there a guide/white paper for that purpose that I have overlooked?


    Thanks in advance,


    Marco Lorenz

  • 2.  Re: How can you rename/move the domain manager?
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 07, 2019 04:52 AM

    You best bet, would be to follow the backup and restore procedures but you

    must keep the same old hostname for the new server.







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    How can you rename/move the domain manager?


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