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Patch Deployment Strategy

  • 1.  Patch Deployment Strategy

    Posted 12-13-2016 10:17 AM

    Hi All,


    Till now we are using software delivery to deploy patches released on Patch Tuesday. After upgrade to 14.0 including patch manager, we are planning to deploy patches using patch manager.


    During testing, we found that the patch got published after 2-3 days from release date. Because of this we were not able to deploy the patches on patch Tuesday.


    Is there any way to get the patch from patch manager on the release date to deploy the same on client workstations after testing ?




  • 2.  Re: Patch Deployment Strategy

    Posted 12-13-2016 10:21 AM

    The content team needs time to build and test the package before publishing it.  We do not get the released version of the patch until tuesday.




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  • 3.  Re: Patch Deployment Strategy

    Posted 12-14-2016 02:54 AM

    can we sync patch manager and generate an alert to get the those patches when available to start the  deployment ?




  • 4.  Re: Patch Deployment Strategy

    Posted 12-14-2016 06:41 AM

    With version 14.0 you can configure Patch Manager to automatically accept and download new Rollups as they are published by the content team.


    When the Patch package is registered into the SD Library an alert is raised and that could be used to trigger auto deployment. But I would very strongly advise that this is to a group of test computers and once you validate your business applications.


    I heard a story recently of a company that auto deployed the MS patches without testing and a patch effected there POS application preventing it working!!

  • 5.  Re: Patch Deployment Strategy

    Posted 12-14-2016 10:22 AM

    Is there any document available apart for CA Patch Manager 14.0 for configuring auto deployment so that we can test it in our test environment prior to production deployment ?


    Just wanted to know why Security Only Quality Update is excluded from content team?




  • 6.  Re: Patch Deployment Strategy

    Posted 12-15-2016 04:38 AM

    Not that I know of, it would be just using the standard cadsmcmd command line.