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  • 1.  Duplicate HostUUID for Citrix Servers

    Posted May 18, 2017 04:40 PM



    I have a few servers that appear to have a duplicate HostUUID, however even when I delete and recreate it, these computers are still showing duplicity. The history of one of these computers is, as follows:



    DateEvent TitleSub EventObject 1Object 2UserOld Value
    18/05/2017 17:15Asset DNA changedSystem IDnt2029Engine42103807-479D-9E90-02E6-0104AFCC596B
    18/05/2017 17:15Asset DNA changedNetwork Addressnt2029Enginent2065.portoseguro.brasil
    18/05/2017 17:15Asset DNA changedMAC Addressnt2029Engine00:50:56:90:66:6E
    18/05/2017 17:15Asset DNA changedDuplicate Host UUIDnt2029Engine4100ED03-307D-410A-88A6-3C635C21D535
    18/05/2017 17:15Asset Modifiednt2029Engine
    18/05/2017 17:15Asset DNA changedHostnament2029EngineNT2065
    18/05/2017 17:15Asset DNA changedSerial Numbernt2029EngineVMware-42 10 38 07 47 9d 9e 90-02 e6 01 04 af cc 59 6b
    18/05/2017 14:08Asset DNA changedSystem IDnt2065Engine4210CFF6-9560-5FFE-5DBC-6FEA6DCF6DAE
    18/05/2017 14:08Asset Modifiednt2065Engine
    18/05/2017 14:08Asset DNA changedHostnament2065EngineNT2031
    18/05/2017 14:08Asset DNA changedSerial Numbernt2065EngineVMware-42 10 cf f6 95 60 5f fe-5d bc 6f ea 6d cf 6d ae
    18/05/2017 14:08Asset DNA changedNetwork Addressnt2065Enginent2031.portoseguro.brasil
    18/05/2017 14:08Asset DNA changedMAC Addressnt2065Engine00:50:56:90:2B:95
    18/05/2017 14:08Asset DNA changedDuplicate Host UUIDnt2065Engine4100ED03-307D-410A-88A6-3C635C21D535
    17/05/2017 19:29Asset Modifiednt2031Engine
    17/05/2017 19:29Asset DNA changedHostnament2031EngineNT2030
    17/05/2017 19:29Asset DNA changedSerial Numbernt2031EngineVMware-42 10 17 a5 72 e6 c2 d4-23 30 58 b1 08 b6 27 41
    17/05/2017 19:29Asset DNA changedSystem IDnt2031Engine421017A5-72E6-C2D4-2330-58B108B62741
    17/05/2017 19:29Asset DNA changedNetwork Addressnt2031Enginent2030.portoseguro.brasil
    17/05/2017 19:29Asset DNA changedMAC Addressnt2031Engine00:50:56:90:33:54
    17/05/2017 19:29Asset DNA changedDuplicate Host UUIDnt2031Engine4100ED03-307D-410A-88A6-3C635C21D535
    17/05/2017 19:19Asset Modifiednt2030Engine
    17/05/2017 19:19Asset DNA changedHostnament2030EngineNT2029
    17/05/2017 19:19Asset DNA changedSerial Numbernt2030EngineVMware-42 10 5c a1 3e 24 83 4f-f6 6a f2 c3 48 da cd a2
    17/05/2017 19:19Asset DNA changedSystem IDnt2030Engine42105CA1-3E24-834F-F66A-F2C348DACDA2
    17/05/2017 19:19Asset DNA changedNetwork Addressnt2030Enginent2029.portoseguro.brasil
    17/05/2017 19:19Asset DNA changedMAC Addressnt2030Engine00:50:56:90:6E:E1
    17/05/2017 19:19Asset DNA changedDuplicate Host UUIDnt2030Engine4100ED03-307D-410A-88A6-3C635C21D535

    It looks like these are all Citrix Servers, it might have something to do with it. When I delete the HostUUID and force the regeneration/recollect, it looks like it changes for all computers.


    However, when I'm logged at these computers, the UUID is different for each.


    Any ideas?


    Thank you

  • 2.  Re: Duplicate HostUUID for Citrix Servers
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 22, 2017 05:45 AM

    The host UUID is calculated using several values including Serial number, system ID etc. If any of these change frequently (due to the guest moving to another host in the cluster) then you need to lock the HostUUID to prevent it changing.