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MDB Admin Console fails on Software Policy Import

  • 1.  MDB Admin Console fails on Software Policy Import

    Posted Mar 03, 2016 03:37 PM


    I have over 100 Software Policies to migrate to a new environment.

    There are at least 50 packages per Software Policy which means manual creation or writing a script will take a substantial amount of time.

    When I used the MDBAC for the export/import of the Software Policies it fails due to NULLs in the object permissions.

    From the mdbac log file...

    2016-03-03 11:47:00,594  INFO [importObjects] loading object permissions ...

    2016-03-03 11:47:00,641  INFO [importObjects] object permissions loaded

    2016-03-03 11:47:00,641  INFO [executePush] calling {call merge_swpolicy( ? )} with [38616235633861393533336439366663]

    2016-03-03 11:47:00,688 ERROR [executePush] Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'object_def_uuid', table 'mdb.dbo.ca_object_ace'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.


    I attempted to remove entire sections from the exported xml file where <column name="ace">0</column> and attempted an import.



    <table class="" name="ca_object_ace">

    <column name="security_profile_uuid">111111111111119b05a14e1d7a</column>

    <column name="ace">0</column>

    <column name="access">1</column>

    <column name="object_def_uuid">222222222222222222a</column>

    <column name="security_profile_name">x509cert://dsm r11/cn=dsm directory synchronisation,o=computer associates,c=us</column>



    This still resulted in a failure.


    Has anyone seen this before and provide input?

    Thank you,