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Latest WinOffline -- 20 September 2016

  • 1.  Latest WinOffline -- 20 September 2016

    Posted Sep 20, 2016 06:28 PM
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    Hey Everyone,


    I'm posting the latest WinOffline version to the community -- 2016.09.20


    As a reminder, always be sure to test WinOffline before distributing/using widely in your environment.  Ensure you are satisfied with the results and reply here in the community with any questions, concerns or potential bugs for me to correct!


    Here's what's new/changed in this version...


    1- TWO releases to support wider .NET:

    Microsoft CLR 4.0 -- .NET Versions: 4.0  4.5  4.6  4.6.1  4.6.2
    Microsoft CLR 2.0 -- .NET Versions: 2.0  3.0  3.5


    Due to incompatibility between CLR versions, I've compiled and provided TWO releases of WinOffline.  Both versions are exactly the same, just Microsoft won't allow a .NET application to support two CLRs simultaneously.  So even if your environment is not up to date on the latest .NET, you can still utilize WinOffline.


    2- Certificate store cleanup has been rewritten.

    Previously, WinOffline contained an anonymous certificate cleanup feature, which under certain conditions did not always cleanup all the anonymous certificates found in the agent certificate store.


    In this latest release, a full certificate store cleanup has been introduced.  WinOffline automatically keeps a rolling backup (up to two copies) of the CBB folder, before making any changes.  It then inspects each entry of the certificate store file (certstor.dat) and correlates integrity checks and cleanups against the private key store file (cbbkstor.dat) and the agent certificate store folder (certdb folder).  Formatting and syntax issues with both files are addressed, all anonymous certificates are removed, all invalid certificates entries and keys are removed, and the certdb folder is swept of any certificates unmatched from proper entries from the certificate store file.


    3- All the maintenance options (including command line switches) have been UPDATED and some NEW maintenance options have been introduced.

    There are too many to post here... refer to the readme or built-in help instead.  If you're replacing a previous release of WinOffline, verify the switches you are using, as they may have changed!


    4- WinOffline log file cleanup is automatic.

    Previously this was the "-cleanup" switch.  After a successful execution of WinOffline, all previous log files that aren't from TODAY are automatically deleted.  No more debug logs piling up on the root of the DSM folder.


    5- Support for JCL Instruction ":SKIPIFNOTFOUND:"

    For example, patch T533251 (R14 PORTING FIXES).


    This patch replaces multiple components and the JCL file contains:




    The intention here is if you apply this patch to a domain manager, all the files exist there, so replace them all.


    But if you apply this patch to a scalability server, or an enterprise manager, where some of these components do not exist, the respective files are skipped, and only applicable files are patched/replaced.


    Previously WinOffline did not include any handling for "SKIPIFNOTFOUND".  It would simply apply/replace all files, regardless of their existence on the target.


    Now it does.  And the agent history file is updated properly to reflect, as well as the patching summary generated by WinOffline.


    More good stuff in the pipeline, please share any questions, comments or concerns.



    Brian Fontana, CA Support


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