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Using DMSweep for Network Scan

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  • 1.  Using DMSweep for Network Scan

    Posted 08-18-2015 05:39 PM

    Hi Guys.


    I do not have a CCS feature installed on my ITCM environment. But I would like to use DMSweep for scan and discovery devices (just scan targets, not agent deploy) in my network  or  ip range or file.


    I intend to, after set up with a specific parameters in dmsweep command, I will schedule a Windows Task for It run (.bat) a dmsweep with my parameters.


    Do you have any examples about DMSweep command to scan a specific network range?


    Another doubt is about Infrastructure Deployment Wizard. I know IDW use DMSweep in background. How can I delete or add a package listed on step 3? See picture bellow.


    I would like a add a new package on IDW. The package that was used to install all agents on my servers. I got the agent installation files coping folders (windows and linux) from DVD of ITCM 12.8.






  • 2.  Re: Using DMSweep for Network Scan
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 08-19-2015 05:52 AM

    HI Nelson-Filho


    DMSweep is documented here dmsweep--DSM Deployment Command Line Interface - CA Client Automation - 12.9 - CA Wiki

    for the syntax to scan a range of addresses you should look at the subcommmand scan and in particular the following switches


    • /ip
      Start address or addresses from which to scan.
      You can specify an address as a machine name, if it can be successfully resolved (for example, by DNS), or as an IP address (for example The <address_wild> argument enables you to use asterisks (for example, 10.0.0.* covers the range to and 10.0.*.* covers the range to
      You can specify a single address for <address_wild> or a comma-separated list of addresses.

      Note: This parameter is the start address only when the /toip option is also used.

    • /toip
      End address for the range to scan.
      This option can only be used in conjunction with /ip. When used the scan starts with the address specified by <address_wild> and stops after scanning <stop_address>.
    • /ipfilename
      If you specify /ipfilename, the command reads the list of target machines from the file <ip_filename>. Each line of the file contains a single target address or multiple addresses separated by commas:


    As regards adding packages to the deployment wizard you should use the dsmpush command line for this dsmPush--Push Client Automation Component Installation Packages to Domain Manager - CA Client Automation - 12.9 - CA Wik…

    dsmpush is used to create the desired packages from the installation media and allows you to create any combination of the plugins in any of the supported languages. It can either push packages to the SD library, the ID library or both. There are several worked examples in the doc that will help you achieve your requirement


    If you let me know the exact nature of the desired package I can help you with the syntax required


    If you want to remove packages from the ID wizard and dmdeploy cli you simply delete the required folders from .......\CA\DSM\Packages\Public\CAUnicenterDSM


    You can either delete the folders at this level which will remove all the different language variants for each package type or if you wish to remove a specific language variant eg NLS then drill down further


    And delete the specific folder for the undesired language.


    Hope this helps