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V21 vs CAU a story of an upgrade

  • 1.  V21 vs CAU a story of an upgrade

    Posted 15 days ago
    I finally found some  time to play around with V21 and I figured that before I dive into K8S edition, I will do one upgrade the "old school" way. So I cloned one of my Sandbox systems running Postgres and Windows and gave it a go.

    The update of the system itself was relatively uneventful. Because of the new communication protocol it was a little bit more work to generate one certificate more (thank you LetsEncrypt ;) ) and as the default ports are different than before and I did not bother adjusting them some new holes in the FW needed to be punched out.

    What did turn out to be fun is the repercussions CAU had on the agents.

    You maybe are aware, that once you do an CAU upgrade, the system remembers the version, and each time the agent connect should the version not match it will be repaired (  upgraded or downgraded ) again.
    As there were some changes in the ini files with V21 I upgraded the agents manually. Of course I had some agents upgraded to 12.3.x  via CAU and they kept reverting back from V21 to V12.3 without the necessary adjustments in the ini files, which caused of course the agents to fail.

    I could have tried upgrading the agents with V21 package using CAU, but it got me curious how this works, and how to get rid of it.

    So there is an entry in the HOST table, namely HOST_TargetVersion

    You can query your DB to see the entries like this for example:
    select OH_Name, HOST_OH_Idnr, HOST_TargetVersion from HOST, OH where OH_Idnr = HOST_OH_Idnr  and HOST_TargetVersion <> ''

    Purging the entry in the HOST_TargetVersion field did the trick but maybe it would be beneficial to be able to do this from the AWI? Or maybe there is a way?