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Limiting user connection time

  • 1.  Limiting user connection time

    Posted Jan 17, 2019 09:54 AM



    We're finding we have users that are staying connected for long periods of time (weeks, somehow!), and we'd like to prevent that.


    We have not been able to locate anything in the tool that limits users in this way.


    To work around that, I've been working on a job to process an SQL query for all active users (on a given client), and when they logged in, and disconnect the ones that have been on longer than a certain time.


    I've fount that the : DISCONNECT command, while listing the input as a user name, also works for an AH_IDNR for a given connection.


    A downside of using a job disconnect users is that the job will have to run on every client.


    What I'd like to do is check against an "idle time" instead of a login time, as even someone logged in for 10 hours might be working on something just at a given moment.  I've not found anything close to this in the tool.  I've considered the OH_OPENUSERIDNR/OH_OPENDATE fields, but that will only give a user's OH_IDNR, not the connections AH_IDNR, so if someone had logged on twice to the same client (maybe from the ECC and the java ui), they's no way to tell (so far as I know) which connection is actually doing anything.


    Any assistance is appreciated!