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Automation Engine Server Process - IPs (Network Interface Cards)

  • 1.  Automation Engine Server Process - IPs (Network Interface Cards)

    Posted Mar 20, 2019 04:37 AM

    Hello All,
    I am trying to find information from where the WPs and CPs are inheriting the information which IP to be used.
    We have 2 linux physical servers hosting the AE and we tried to add 2 more but VPC. After firing up the server processes we experienced an issue.
    The VPC servers have two IPs. One for internal VPC purposes (30.249.*) and one for the customers network (10.32.*)
    The DNS server is resolving the VPC server with the proper IP (10.32.*). There is telnet, ping and everything is fine.
    When we start the CPs and WPs they are obtaining the internal VPC IP.

    From Ifconfig :
    eth0 - 10.32.*

    eht0:1 - 30.249*
    in /etc/hosts only the internal VPC IP is written

    30.249.* FQDN shortname


    Presumably AE is reading the /etc/hosts file, i believe.


    From Automic documentation we found out that we can use the bindaddr in ucsrv.ini file. But there are again some unclarity.

    You can also specify the IP address or host name in pwpport= and in all parameters of section [PORTS] (Format: pwpport=IP address:port or DNS name:port). Specifications that have been made in bindaddr= are then ignored.


    If we set the bindaddr=10.32* and leave the wp's and cp's equal to port only - are bindaddrs being ignored?

    Shall the IP/DNS name be set on both server processes and bindaddr?
    What is the difference between setting it that way and amending the /etc/hosts
    (Still evaluating with the VPC team for what purpose they use the 30.249* IP)