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getMessageXXX() methods versus MessageBox

  • 1.  getMessageXXX() methods versus MessageBox

    Posted Feb 22, 2019 03:42 AM

    Yesterday I noticed that the ExecuteObject API class has several methods that can be used to retrieve information from the AE server in once a request has been submitted, e.g., using Connection.sendRequestAndWait().

    This method returns a message insert for the message number returned by getMessageNumber.
    This method returns a message number in case that the execution failed.
    Returns the error message translated in the language of the user.
    Returns the RunID of this request.


    The getRunID() method simply returns the run ID of the activated object. The other three methods appear to duplicate capabilities provided in the MessageBox class. (For executions of multiple objects, the ExecuteObjects.ExecuteObjectsResponse class also has these four methods.)


    Is there a difference between the messages that are returned via these two approaches?