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Unable to hide objects from the 'Add Object' menu options

  • 1.  Unable to hide objects from the 'Add Object' menu options

    Posted Apr 17, 2019 10:22 AM

    Hey guys!!


    I am trying to personalize the 'Add Object' menu options per USRG based on the following article:
    Is it possible to 'hide' options from the 'Add Object' menu for items that are not applicable to our environment?  

    For some reason, some object types are giving me headaches!!  


    I am trying to setup the operator user group.  We have created templates for them to play (create, delete, update...) with the tasks and workflows in the UAT environment.  I don't have any problems hiding the original JSCH or CALE objects, for example, from the menu.  But when it comes to the JOBS, JOBP and VARA, it is simply not working!!


    Here is what I did...


    First of all, I created the templates and added them to VARA "UC_OBJECT_TEMPLATE"




    And I added the option "TEMPLATE_SHOW_ALL" to N in "UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS"



    I started to give them authorizations on every objects in that environment:



    and then I retrieved authorizations on objects that I didn't want them to see but still be able to execute in the menu:




    After that, I needed to leave only the object's templates created, which was easy when there was only two options in the menu (original and template):



    The problem is when there are many options per objects in the menu:

    E.I. VARA:




    Whatever I try...




    or one per row...



    Nope!!  Nothing!!  The operator can still see all of the options!!  However, I can hide all the VARA objects with the * without any problems :-(


    Please note that there is nothing check in the "Privileges" of the USRG tab related to the VARA objects:


    And there are no objects at all created in this environment yet, beside the admin stuff.   




    Any idea why this is happening?  I am getting nuts :-P



  • 2.  Re: Unable to hide objects from the 'Add Object' menu options
    Best Answer

    Posted Apr 17, 2019 03:48 PM

    I found the solution!!!  


    Hope this can help others :-)