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AWI 12.1.1 hf3, Schedule can not be saved

  • 1.  AWI 12.1.1 hf3, Schedule can not be saved

    Posted Mar 30, 2018 03:57 AM
    In Automic.Web.Interface 12.1.1 HF3 there could be an issue when you try to save a schedule object. 
    The schedule can only be saved if all the included objects exist in the Automation Engine database.

    The issue will be fixed with the next Service Pack.

    If one object in the Schedule does not exist anymore you will not be able to the save it an reveive the following error:
    An unexpected error occurred. Further details are available in the logfiles
    3iq7ukrdk0lc.png" width="728">

    I tried to write a SQL statement to give you a list of all JSCH object and the corresponding child that does not exist anymore.
    Please set the correct Client in line 4 and line 5.
    select oh1.OH_Name, oh1.OH_Idnr, JPP_Object from JPP, OH oh1 where oh1.OH_IDNR = JPP_OH_Idnr and oh1.OH_OTYPE = 'JSCH' and oh1.OH_Client = 1 and JPP_Object not in (select oh_name from oh where OH_Client = 1);